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Why choose annuities for retirement savings?

Annuities are the only vehicle to guarantee a lifetime income stream. An annuity also offers more than just being an ongoing income source. Overall benefits include:

  • Retirement confidence with income stream for life
  • Protection secured by financial strength and claims-paying ability of insurance carriers behind annuities
  • Insurance carriers may be reinsured by other carriers for further protection value
  • Growth potential with fixed index annuities crediting interest tied to equity index performance
  • Tax-deferred money growth until money is withdrawn or annuity payments started

Some fixed and fixed index annuities offer more flexibility, more choices, and more growth potential in how and when you decide to distribute your income in retirement with their lifetime income riders.

These riders are purchased as an addition to the fixed or fixed index annuity product. There’s usually a fee associated with these types of riders. The way the fee is calculated will vary from contract to contract.

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