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401(K) Education

A must for retirement success, is being educated about your financials. When having a retirement saving plans, Americana’s have many options. For many, employer-sponsored plans are a primary savings, especially 401(K) plans. Not such a big surprise, right? Having a 401(K) plan has its many benefits, tax-deferred accumulation, a high contribution limit for pre-tax savings, and in many situations an employer match.

As you inch closer to retirement, for many Americans, it brings up the commonly asked question: How will your 401(K) plan allow you to enjoy a comfortable, meaningful post-work lifestyle? Even with these benefits you’re receiving, many are not satisfied with their 401(K) due to shortfalls in other areas, such as limited investment options and lack of money control.

Americans are undereducated about their personal finances, including 401(K)s. To alleviate this knowledge gap beings with the proper learning to understand your retirement planning options. The GetSafe Method is a proven strategy for helping individual’s saves for a happy retirement. Our certified financial professionals, financial management tools and resources have led millions to real financial freedom.

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